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Enhancing your Family Business Growth

We help you Live Your Life On Purpose.


You will establish a Lifetime Plan, supporting your personal, professional, and family goals.  We will support you by being your Primary Advisory Support, and providing you with our Family Business Concierge, containing key Subject Matter Experts who will help you achieve your desired outcomes.



Significant Individual

As a Professional Executive, you are creating or have already established substantial personal assets. It is essential so that you can achieve your long-term goals, to put in place a Personal Lifetime Plan and the relevant Financial Life Plan.


Family Health and Wealth

You have a family scenario, possibly involving a family business, family assets, and a reasonable net worth. You see the advantages of creating a "Whole of Family Balance Sheet" with a Family Advisory Board – essentially a central advisory group to help you make effective decisions and navigate the complexities involved in managing them.


Family Business Advisory

With the direct assistance of your Family Advisory Board (FAB), we offer a "Family Business Concierge" to help you establish the necessary elements to ensure that your business supports your Personal Lifetime Plan. It is important to determine the long-term direction of the business, such as whether it will remain within the family for generations or if it needs to be prepared for a future sale.

Our Commitment

In the final phase, our focus is on providing "Intergenerational Family Health and Wealth Advice."


 This phase involves ensuring that all the necessary elements are in place to help with family-related decisions.

 For example, we handle estate planning for the family, establishing trusts and wills, as well as making strategic business decisions related to governance and leadership through succession planning.

At BRAYDIVER, we collaborate with a diverse team of professionals to ensure that our clients fully benefit from engaging with our services.

Business Presentation
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