Transformational Leadership Development

  The Leadership Development Programs have three distinct themes delivered in seven parts:

  • Lead from Self (Who are You);

  • Lead Others (Grow your Team and Lead through Change); and

  • Lead From Vision (Inspire and Enable)

The program commences with a 360 degree feedback process which provides every participant with a self-rating and comparative ratings undertaken by the participant’s manager and nominated colleagues.


The 360 degree feedback results are debriefed with the participant ahead of the six part workshop and coaching program made up of three workshops and three personal coaching sessions.


The fundamental key to our program is ultimately empowering participants to get to the 'how' - how do I implement what I learn?  This is primarily done through two key stages:

  • The learning process within the workshops; and 

  • The coaching process which supports the learning.

With every step of the program, our facilitators provide expert coaching sessions, to ensure that the learning translates into action.

The program is either spread over nine months (3 Workshops) to ensure sustained personal and professional transformational learning and growth, or there is the 4.5 day intensive Workshop.  Both formats of the Program enable a sequential process through the 3 themes listed above.

With both of our Program outlines we will always consult with you and your organisation first and where appropriate we tailor the program to suit your needs.

Joining the expert braydiver leadership programs means you participate in a world class, leading edge Leadership Development environment.