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Our World Class Leadership Program

BrayDiver is dedicated to cultivating inspiring leaders and bringing their stories to life.


We believe in the power of understanding, and embracing, inspiring leadership. Our goal is to help leaders discover their purpose and enhance their leadership abilities. We showcase how, in the business world, we can surpass cultural boundaries. We support organizations by empowering their leaders to truly lead, focusing on three key areas: leading oneself, leading others, and leading with vision.

The program can be completed over nine months (3 workshops) to ensure sustained personal and professional growth, or through a 4.5 day intensive workshop. Both program formats cover the three themes mentioned above in a sequential process.


In both program outlines, we will consult with you and your organisation first, and if needed, we will tailor the program to meet your specific needs.  By participating in BrayDiver Leadership Programs, you will be part of a world-class, cutting-edge leadership development environment.


Our Leadership Program assists each leader to:

  • Shift from self-awareness to social awareness and develop their personal leadership style.

  • Understand how to lead themselves, lead others, and ultimately lead with vision.

  • Recognize their blind spots.

  • Harness their leadership strengths.

  • Expand their possibilities.

The Leadership Program is structured around three main themes:

  • Leading from Self (Understanding Who You Are)

  • Leading Others (Developing Your Team and Leading through Change)

  • Leading with Vision (Inspiring and Empowering)

The program begins with a 360-degree feedback process, where each participant receives a self-rating and ratings from their manager and nominated colleagues.


The 360-degree feedback results are discussed with the participant before the program starts.

The main focus of our program is to empower participants to understand how to implement what they learn.


This is achieved through two key stages:

1. The learning process during the workshops.

2. The coaching process that supports the learning.


Throughout the program, our facilitators offer expert coaching sessions to ensure that the learning leads to action.




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