Executive Coaching and Sports Coaching

Lyndon Bray has been perfecting his coaching skills for the past 30 years. His rich experience spans across a range of sectors including people in the financial sector, telecommunications and sport.

Having spent some 30 years involved in rugby and refereeing, Lyndon has become a specialist sports coach, focusing on how an individual can understand his or her possibilities and learn to unlock their true potential.  So far, he has been able to help cricketers, golfers & referees (rugby).

Lyndon has been connected with some large corporates in the area of People and Culture and is an executive coach who focuses on building inspiring leaders.

Lyndon is accredited in behavioural profiling and uses this for a practical implementation, rather than academic purpose!  Keeping the profiling to what is practical and useful to the actual coaching process, he is able to enhance the learning process and therefore allow people to grow their own emotional intelligence as a leader, an individual athlete or a team player.

Ultimately, Lyndon's belief in coaching is that, as a coach, we are there to help you build on future possibilities and to bring your story to life!


Paul Diver has been executive coaching across the globe for the last 20 years.  Combined with his powerful leadership programs, Paul has been focusing on one to one coaching as part of every program.

Paul is a strong believer in coaching being a collaborative relationship supporting growth. Paul uses a range of cognitive and behavioural techniques to help you achieve a mutually agreed set of goals. Your goals are usually related to improving your leadership skills, professional performance and well-being.

In alignment with each other, Paul is also an ardent believer in future possibility as the key aim of coaching, and uses the 'ripple in the pond' analogy as a key symbol of what he is trying to achieve with you, as your coach.

Commitment is doing what you love

Passion is loving what you do

Courage is doing what it takes

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