braydiver expert lends a helping hand for Air New Zealand


One of New Zealand’s most experienced employment relations practitioners, Paul Diver, has been appointed to support the Air New Zealand workplace change management programme.  Paul is well known to the unions representing Air New Zealanders and will be with Air New Zealand on a fixed term basis.

Paul is an expert in the area of employment relations (see Our Team for details) and he is braydiver's lead facilitator for the Leadership Development Program.                                 



Leading Our Way Out of COVID-19

Leading through abnormal times requires some adjustment.  Here is something for you as a leader to consider as you manage both yourself and your team(s) during COVID-19:

Cultivating a learning culture is not just a catchphrase or a luxury during crises, it is a way of being that will help protect your organisation and its people, as you strive for the way forward.


1 Behave with intent and show purpose.

2 Lean into key structures and process that are critical.

3   Be exploratory and courageous to establish new ways to get things done.

4    Connect and engage.


5    Cultivate a learning culture.                                                                                                                 


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